As a bit of a surprise I had a phone call off a friend asking if I wanted to go to our local drag strip for the day, Why not I thought! York Raceway is only about an hour drive for us and I must admit I haven't been for years! As strange as it seem's I have Limited funds as I am saving for all the Shows and Drag Racing events all over England to keep enough cash to do them I never really think of going to the local drag strip! But as luck has had it this month we only have one show the NASC Street Rod Nationals so time was on our side and off we went. I was going to sign on as Media but seen as I had forgot my High Viz jacket so all the pictures are from the track side, but I hope you still enjoy them all the same.

John having a Wheelie good time! and this was without NOS!

This Chevy Fleetside parked up right next to me while I was on the Stands, looks very Period Looking to me!!

I just missed this Slingshot doing a Massive Wheel Stand! Sods Law You look away for a second and.. Gone!

Sitting in the Trackside Bar having a pint of "Burnout Beer" very nice it was too! So nice I had 2 Pints haha

Kasey Grainger's 66' Ford Cortina On a run late Sunday Afternoon his Ford 347ci block decided to Implode hope you get back on the track soon, Kind Racers and Hot Rodders had kindly donated around £200 to Kasey towards the rebuild and he is very grateful.

Block damage, I will update this when I hear from Kasey when he splits the Block down for a full look.

Plug damage.

The Flag of the USA Flying High In the heart of Yorkshire England.

Andy Hadfield doing what he does best, Putting air time in on the Twister 'T'!!

Well I have to say what a fantastic day out! and it sure made a change from sat at home watching mindless Telly or washing up!!


Have Fun You Only Live Once!

Keep It On The Road!!

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