Its funny really, we all come to the end of the season and think, winter, yea that wont take long and we will be back racing before we know it..... and winter begins, and takes what seems 2 seasons of racing and shows should! By xmas we are chomping on a block of ally trying to remember what the smell of race fuel and roasting cylinders smell's like, winter my arse! Its just something in the way that stops us doing what we know and love, race blues has set in before the crate of beer on christmas eve. You do your best to make it from xmas to new year by pretending you really like eating left over turkey knowing its going to put 4tenths of a second on a run, so you come up with the idea 'I know I will go an see what I can cut out of the car to make it lighter to make yourself feel better, and then think hmmmm that may help me later in the year!' New Year comes and goes, making the promise to yourself you will take it easy and be more gentle on the car so you don't brake anything this year. Well guess what you all broke that promise as soon as you got in the car, you know why? Because its racing time baby and you missed it like a new girlfriend, as soon as you could you did all you could to make sure know exactly who was in charge, the blacktop your rival, the timing blocks were the bloke trying to steal your woman and your car was yours and only yours. The racing has begun and you as sure as hell its self are going to make it the best god dam weekend touching base as much as you can. York Raceway was the venue, the people a community of friends off track rival on were set to go for what it would turn out to be, a weekend of fun, frolics (least Pel left his thong at home this time!) and racing. Although somewhat on the cold side it seemed to agree with the cars and as well as the track some would say being cold, as you will see in the pictures below it sure as s**t wasn't short of grip! So without further a'due, here are my pictures form the weekends racing I hope you like them and hope to see you soon.

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