Sometimes, some things come along that just cant be passed up. So the week before I went off to do another event, an email popped up in my inbox.... Hmmm this isn't the MI5 or CIA, but the content of the email had me sitting on the edge of my seat. It contained something alone these line's: Drakie, I have a challenge for you, that I think you will be Interested in. Location: Secret, Time: Depends if I get up in time, Date: Tell you later.

As you may tell, I was guessing all this was a bit of a secret! I have no idea what made me think that, call it a gut feeling. After a few days I had another email with the said date, on arriving having every form of ID put under a microscope, and a strange person probing me before we could enter the place, all was reveled. Not one but 2 beautiful, Plymouth Superbirds stood before me & the most amazing sight in the world, the last flying vulcan in the world! This has to be the best photo shoot I have ever had the pleasure of being at. With 2 of the rarest cars in the UK and the only flying Vulcan, standing under this amazing aircraft and taking photo's of 2 rare cars, has to be the coolest thing I have done this year, and I cant see much else topping the list in the future, but I am always up for a challenge!

The Vulcan can be seen at various events around the UK, but if you get a group of people and want to see it for yourself upclose and personal, then this maybe just possible as they do group tours for a small per person fee. This aircraft is not goverment or MOD funded, its funded by you the people and to continue to see this amazing plane to continue to wow and fly, please visit the website to see how you can help, or visit the Vulcan yourself. Visit the Vulcan Website

So here you go have a look if you like.

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