PPC Party In The Park

Practical Performance Car had their party in the park at Mallory Park Racing Circuit and it had an array of vehicles that were to have a play around the circuit from full blown vintage racers to grass trackers right up to GT3 cars and it also had Shakespeare County Raceway along for the ride with a display from a few of the Supercharged Outlaws, Red Mist and The Thing did a burnout display for the crowd. The mix range of cars on the track made for some interesting viewing, even the Nscc came along to support the event and have a go. The day started off with a bit of rain and a chill but the cars started rolling round the track and the thrill of the event came to life. If you have never been its well worth a day out and just to prove it here is a ton of pictures I took just to let you see what you missed!

See you Soon!!

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