The NSRA held there first ever online model contest the kit to be used was a 1932 ford kit, the build off started on the 1st of Jan and ended on the 1st of March 2009, it was really good to see a hotrod club entering into the spirit of model making as this used to be a big thing in the past most of the UK hotrodding magazines and american car magazines always had a little artical in there to let us have a look at what model kits were coming out into the shops or let us see some of peoples models they had build, I always looked forward to that bit of the magazine but for some unknown reason the artical's were axed and as were the model build off's that clubs held and I have to say I felt like a great loss had been made by them not being there any more. The Nsra held this contest as there was plenty of interest in people wanting to jump in and have a go at modeling again, showing that the interest of modeling and hotrods is not dead! The interest has brought back the spirit of modeling in my eye's and these models that were submitted in the Nsra Build Off Contest showed me that some thing has been restarted here that will never be lossed again!

The amount of entry's was outstanding and some people that entered had not build a model for 25years! some had never built one before! and some were avid model builders that were just waiting for the chance to show off the skills of building one, all in all it was a fantastic thing to be a part of and the contestents said they hadnt had such a good time in ages. Well done to the Nsra for such a fun contest and all the model builders for entering into it, the Nsra will be showing the models off at the Nsra Supernationals on the 24th-26th July at Old Warden Park in Bedfordshire. So here are the contest photo's for you to look at, some amazing models been built here! Well Done to everyone involed. I look forward to doing the next one guys!!

Updated: 29/7/2009

The Nsra Model Stand at the Nsra Supernations 2009

At the Nsra Supernationals the model stand was put up for everyone to see the 1932 Ford model builds that were built for the first ever Nsra online model build off and there were a few more models people had brought along to show off as well, the responce was fantastic from the public that came in for a look! It was amazing to see so many people interested in the model builds and that got the bug to go and get there glue out and a kit they had sitting in the loft again!! But the best moment for me was that Mark Birchmore aka Kustom 54 on the Nsra forum brought along his model to be displayed on the model stand and he won 1st place best overall in the build off, the trophy that he had won was donated by Nick Butler that he had won in 1981! The trophy was given out on prize giving on Sunday afternoon by none other than Jimmy Shine!! Well done Mark!! I have to say a deep thankyou to everyone that displayed there models, without you there would have not been a stand to show. Many Thanks, Drakie.

Thankyou For Looking.

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