NSRA Model Build Off 2012

2012 would see some of the best Model builds to ever enter into the UK NSRA Model Competition, it however would also be the lowest ever amount of entries the build off would ever see. It is understandable that trying to get a model in one to a show ground hundreds of miles away, is not an easy task, and also remembering to pick it up on the way out of the door after packing up to go away for over a week is understandable. 2012 was the last Nsra model build off, because of this main reason.

Steve Salmon, winner placing his models on the table ready for judging.

And so with this, was the last of the last Model Build Off's by the Nsra, it was a blast to run and be a part of. Will it ever happen again? That remains the question. I no longer have the time to run this with so many other things that have transpired since 2012, but if you fancy a challenge, why not get in touch with the Nsra and have a word.


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