The Hot Rod Drags 2011 was one of the most challenging weekends weather wise, but this is England! the weather has a mind of its own and for this weekend it sure showed us how evil it can be to us, as always the track was full of racers and on the Friday it was clear of rain and allot of people got a few runs down the track and when Saturday arrived so did the rain, the pairing lanes were full and the rain would stop, that's when the track staff would work there magic and just get the drag strip clear and dry before it would start raining again! you have to give the track all its helpers and officials their dues at doing their best to get the track dry every time before a massive rain storm to soak it again! the feeling on the Saturday was a more of a show event as at the drags you tend to just watch the racing and not really mull around having a chat seeing fellow friends and racers you would never normally get the time to talk to and that's just what happened in a way it was a good thing as it did give you chance to do just that and get to know the racers you have always watched but never talked to. Tho a lot of people left on the Saturday evening as the rain really hadn't stopped all day it did get better and on Sunday the track opened at about 11am after all the staff had dried the track out it stayed dry and the racing was on!

Now if you saw this driving past wouldnt you look!

A small break in the cloud looked stunning

I have to say its not often you get a chance at a photo like this it just had to be done!

One of them moments in time, a get together with friends having a laugh and a bbq

The Ballbreakers crew came out for a photo shoot

Saturday night and all was bright, it saw time for the flame burnout and the cacklefest with fireworks

Sunday morning and the fireup lanes were full for a days racing

And that was the end of the Hot Rod Drags, and regardless of what the weather did the feeling of everyone getting together and having a laugh in our hobby is the best feeling of all, see you all next year for more fun and frolics with friends.

See You on the Track Soon!!

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