In January 2012 the National Street Car Challenge had their annual Drivers Meeting / AGM / Awards that takes place in Blackpool over a full weekend of seeing friends and fellow racers and as all ways having a good laugh and a heated debate at the agm. The Nscc is not just one of them drag racing clubs that just meet up at the track for a weekend it is a mix and match of drag racing and shows that make up your point total at the end of the year so anyone can win even if you have a 20 second car on the quarter mile drag strip you can gain your points other ways such as turning up to a cruise that is on the Nscc calendar and weekend shows, hence the Street Challenge in the title so a road legal car is a must that's for sure. One of the things about this bunch of car nuts is they are all good friends and always willing to help anyone out when needed... Put them side by side on the drag strip and they are the biggest rivals then back in the pits after they will be taking the wee out of each other and laugh the day away. The drivers meeting and awards gives everyone a chance to meet up in that dull winter and catch up on what they have been up to on changes on the cars, life & gives everyone a boost to get things finished in time for the new season of racing and show events for the year to come. The Nscc saw one of its best years and one of its worst that made this agm & awards one of the hardest it has ever seen. I had a walk around blackpool and took a few pictures before the awards started and in all honesty I cant remember what the awards were but im sure I will get a email with the full list soon and I will update it accordingly then.

The National Street Car Challenge have just build a new website so if you are interested in learning more or thinking of joining in the fun just click on this link and it will take you to the new site where you can find out all the info on the Nscc you want.

National Street Car Challenge Website

So here are a few pictures I took before the awards

HRG will be on the side of the windows of cars in the Nscc the number next to it is where they finished in the Challenge the year before or numbers that they were given before and wish to keep.

Blackpool tower now has new lights on it looks stunning at night.

Also so does the north pier.

I had a go at a bit of time laps photos, worked out well I thought.

And away we went with the awards, at the helm from left to right were Dave Smith, Shaun Wilson & James Murray.

Christine Osborn picked up the hard luck award for 25 years with Oz (ha ha Sorry couldn't resist that one!) Happy 25th Anniversary to you both.

Last one off the stage buys a round... don't think I have ever seen Shaun run so fast before!!

So, that was the awards all done and dusted so that's what we did hit the bar and have a laugh on the last night of the weekend, so lets all raise a glass and here is to the year to come, I wish everyone luck in the Challenge ahead in 2012.

See You on the Track!!

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