Craig Dixon is the brain child of the most amazing event on the Hot Rod Calendar, the Hot Rods & Hills is a one off chill out weekend of the year where polishing your car is not on the list of things to do. The whole focus of the weekend is, driving and seeing friends.

Set in the beautiful scenery of Cumbria at Park Foot Caravan park, that has all the amenity’s you need such as a onsite shop, club house with restaurant now also with a takeaway just in case you get peckish later on in the evening. With all of this, a good bunch of friends, and plenty of cars to drool over the weekend is set to rock an roll. This is the only weekend of the year where you wake up, walk out of your tent or caravan and have the amazing sight of overlooking lake Ullswater and rolling mountains while you sit sipping your coffee, readying yourself for the day ahead.

The main object of this weekend is driving your car, the way shows used to be, and with a 60 mile cruise up Kirkstone pass, a long tight twisting road up a mountain peaking at 1500 feet sure puts your car on the ultimate road of test, burning clutches on the way up and smoldering brakes on the way down is a test of a lifetime. This year hosted the biggest cruise to date with 101 cars roaring up and over the hills and through villages, including 2 road legal 9 second quarter mile cars, a true test if there ever was one.

With the weather being nice and hot, people arrived traveling as far and wide as London and the top edge of Scotland, it sure shows the true focus of this event. Craig had also treated us to a band on the Saturday night in the club house to shake the dust off after a fantastic cruise, Rockville rockabilly band played away to happy hot rodders before the night came to a close.

Don’t be fooled by thinking that on the Sunday its pack up and go home day, because Craig has another cruise planned, this cruise is not as long as the one on the Saturday, a run out to Hartside cafe with stunning views where on a clear day you can see right into Scotland. Craig also had a BBQ back at his house on the evening for anyone staying over for a few extra days.

If you ever fancy a challenge and a break from the normal show and shine, the Hot Rods & Hills is the event you really must try, with the views old school driving and mates, its the one event of the year that you will never forget. Many thanks to Craig Dixon, and all the Crew that put this stunning weekend on for everyone to enjoy, See you all next year.

Bit of a photo shoot on a Mustang by the lakeside, go on then!

The Cruise out, this is on Kirkstone Pass. Ever driven your rod up a mountain?

Sundays Cruise out to Hartside Cafe

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