Dragin It Up At Shakespeare County Raceway 2011

It was October, the place was Shakespeare County Raceway and the year was 2011. As strange as the weather is in England a few weekends before it was the Nsra Hot Rod Drags at the same place and lets just say it rained out the racing all day on Saturday but in a strange twist of fate in the first weekend of October we had a tail end of an Indian summer pass over, so with temp's hitting 30c over the weekend it made for some fantastic racing with Junior Dragsters, Junior Bikes, NSCC and a hole host of other RWYB the racing was on, the track was set to time its heart out and the racers did what they do best, go for that ultimate timing ticket, that one that have been waiting for all year, there top personal best......

A Junior Dragsters drivers track view.

Now its not often you see a Jenson on the road let alone a drag strip!

I have to say I think the Tot Rods are a brill way to get the younger end of the sport involved at the drags or at a show.

Andy Hadfield (The Fadster) was gunning for that 7second pass but didn't stop trying and if nothing else got a well earned new nick name (You will see why lower down the page!)

This may look like a '71 Chevy Camaro but its not its a special edition Chevy Camaro B B Q (By the way I wouldn't google that, ask me later)

Rob Cox took a break from taking photo's on the track side and took the car down instead.

Andy had a small change of pulleys on the blower (The blower is off a top fuel motor) and well all I can say is that motor was shouting and grunting like it was in heaven! and the fuel spitting out of the headers (Over 10 foot High!) has earned Andy the right of the new nick name of... Andy The Fueler Fadster.

Keith Freeman was out and up for blasting some new times............

But man look at that body roll!! The Rock 'n' Roller rock off down the strip to a very close personal best!

Shakespeare County Raceway have their own Junior Dragster and it is rentable from the track.

I was not at all sure what to write here but all I can say is... good on ya.. get yourself down that strip anyway you like as long as you enjoy it get ya ass down it! I thought this was kind of funky really, I wouldn't have minded a go myself!

And as they say that was that! the end of my drag racing events of 2011. All I can say is 2011 will never be a year I will ever forget. It had its ups and its downs and in a way I find it very hard to be able to sum up this year in any way really.

So All that is left to say is, I wish everyone a very happy christmas and I will see you on the track or at a show in 2012 have a happy Hot Rodding New Year and thankyou for visiting my website over 2011 :)

See You on the Track In 2012 Soon!!

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