Blackpool is known for many things, the illuminations, trams, sticks of rock the one thing that you wouldn’t normally think of Blackpool is a classic & custom car show well you can now, after many years of being dormant the winter gardens in the heart of Blackpool a stream of hotrods and classic cars along with motorcycles lined up to put on a show for everyone along with live music sets throughout the day, with a variation gasser’s to chopper motorcycles and with a stunning venue the winter gardens was the place to be and the biggest bonus of all, it’s all in doors no rain no wind to contend with.  On Saturday night a band played and a open top bus to take you down the strip to look at the illuminations what over way could you think of spending a cold weekend in November, and the people that made this all happen Hoyles promotions & Team with the attractions of Blackpool and a 2 day indoor show we are hoping to see this event for many years to come and see it grow even bigger.

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