AACI Late Summer Open Nationals

I have to say that the AACI picked this weekend perfectly as not only was it one of them rare weekends where we had sunshine! YES SUNSHINE! It was also my birthday! The AACI Late Summer Nationals was held at Billing Aquadrome and was starting to fill up early friday as with the forecast being one of the best we have had so far this year it got off to a good start and with Billing having been flooded a few weeks earlier it had been drying out nicely although you could still see a few bog patches that had been taped off so people didn't walk into them all was as well and the AACI had all it needed dry fields, the sun, loads of traders to walk around and for a change I did get to walk around them a rare thing indeed! The marquee was up the bar was set and so was I. Its good to see that in the economy that we are in at the moment that people still drag the cars out of the garage and go and meet up with fellow friends for a laugh, in this day and age with gas prices the way they are and the lack of spare cash around these days we can still find the money and time to do things like this all I can say is good on ya! If it wasn't for like minded people that are willing to fire up that V8 and get the kicks it gives you well who would the shows be for? the NBVA 'National Burger Van Association' maybe.... So I have to say well done to everyone that put all there hard work in to making this a show to go to, lets face it if it wasn't for all the guys an gals that run around all weekend like headless chickens doing tasks like having to move the stage on the Friday afternoon because it was in the wrong place seem to go unnoticed so well done to you all for everything you did to make it a fantastic weekend for everyone to enjoy and have fun at, give yourself's all a pat on the back you earned it. Here are my pictures just to show you what it was all about, and to prove it was sunny when it was raining cats and dogs at home all weekend I was away..... Oh dear what a shame eh haha

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