40th NSRA UK Billing Fun Run

So, once again it was time to pour into Billing Aquadrome for the Nsra Fun Run, but the twist of this years event was it was the 40th year it had been run at Billing and it is the 40th year the NSRA UK has been going and that in my book is some good going! This year as always at 90% of events this year the weather didnt play ball with us, wind, rain, mud so what did we do got stuck in and had a ball thats what, and in the end the sun came out on the Sunday Show and Shine day to give us a taste of what was to come later in the year. The NSRA dug in and got the show on the road in the NSRA tent with a display of 70's and 80's show cars it was like walking around a mini museum, with some amazing cars and for the first time ever 3 of Nick Butlers cars were parked side by Revenge, Andromeda & Nykilodeon and on Sunday Nick Butler came along to see them, I am sure seeing them all parked side by side for the first time would have been an amazing moment and one to remember for all of time.

With puddles on the main show field it was a choice to move the show n shine field to a smaller but dry(ish) field at the top with dry standing car parks for people to be able to park on incase the field filled up to its max, so the show went on with a tot rod crusie for the kids in the morning then off to the go kart track for some time trials for them to put their foot down and see what they could get out of the tot rods then after it was the big kids turn for a cruise out around country roads and enjoy a poker run that had been sorted out along the way to a pub with a rail station and vintage trains to look at or even go on. The Sunday came with an unexpected surprise, SUN! and what a blistering day it was as people poured in the gates as they had seen it would be worth the run out the main show field filled up and so did the dry standing car park and the overflow car park in fact that many people came along everyone was just trying to fing a bit of dry grass near the show field to park up on. All's well that ends well and it all goes out to the Committee and Crew of the NSRA UK as I am sure that when they were setting it up they were not only thinking if anyone would turn up because of the rotten weather but also what was going to happen at all but they stuck to their guns and what a weekend, great thanks go out to you all for making a drab weekend one of the best of the year and one that will never be forgoten.

So want to see some pictures? Well you may be here some time as I have one or two for you to look at! I hope you enjoy them :)

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