We got to Billing Friday afternoon, I was really looking forward to this show as we have never done this show before and being a Rodder at heart I couldn't wait to hear the roar of V8's with no headers on flying up and down the road all day!!

Due to Northampton having loads of rain the week before the show, parts of the main show field were under water and some of the camping area's were soggy underfoot. We just knew by Sunday there would be a few muddy bits!!! Well ok more than a few!!!!

The weather was kind to us it was warm and dry, we had the odd shower but it was few and far between. There was a buzz about the place and it felt good to be there, I knew it was going to be a fantastic weekend, the NSRA did all they could to try and sort the show field out and it was starting to dry out, but on Sunday there was a rain storm and that stopped any chance of it drying out any more. So the NSRA marked out the really bad bits of the field and did a sterling job of parking cars up and making the most of what field they had to work with.

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All Pictures are of Mr M Drake