36th Nasc Nationals 2010

I always have looked forward to the Nationals run by the National Association of Street clubs, it is a mix of everything from classic English Rods to Rat Rods and full blown american muscle & Hot Rods from all over England. I guess that's what sets it as a free for all show, I have been to this for many years and it has always been a very friendly get together to see all your friends have a laugh and a beer, and that's just what it was, thou the weather hadn't been booked in for this year but to me a weekend is pure and simple what you do with it! I have to say that everyone that was in our little camp sure did a good job of drinking the supermarket out of beer & the Cattle Shed! In my opinion the bands that were on at the nationals were different and not ones I would have picked for a event of this kind but the entertainment value was well worth the effort and I have to say im sure the bar profits were plenty!

Mark Ashman the Chairman of the Nasc Stood down from his Chairmanship as from this event, Mark if you read this, Well done for all your efforts as Chairman over the years at the Nasc and you can sit down and have that long waited rest and relaxation you have well earned. The Nationals is one of my looked forward to events of the year, and we will be their again next year, Can we book less wind for next year thou please???

Well I am full of cold and my brian isn't working to well at this point in time so this was my weekend I hope you enjoy the pictures I have taken, Gods Speed To You All.......

Cruise Time!!

As We Passed these parked up they shouted "We didn't have time to clean them before we left!"

As we got there we headed for the bar! (The balcony bar that is) about normal but I couldn't resist taking this picture!

Even passers by on the water were stopping and having a look!!

Tazz Racing were out in force, wonder when we will see this on the drag strip?

Below: Its not often you get chance to do a photo shoot in a setting such as this, so below are 3 photo's I picked out of the ones I took that day.

As I was on the sea front doing the photo shoots Dusty was down at the Truck stop where the Nasc had arranged a burnout comp, Dusty took a set of old tire's and yep did his best and popped one of them, Good On Ya Dusty!!

Pro Street Zodiac anyone! Gotta Love It!

Grab your Socks An Hold Onto Your... Beer?? The Gimp Is Here!!!!!

Couldn't resist this Photo!

This rolled round the back of where some good friends were camped up and after a bit of talking I found out This belonged to a lad of 18years old and he had built it from ground up... Respect to the Lad, and it looked stunning in the flesh!

Well that's it from me for this year of the Nasc Nationals, I hope you enjoyed having a look and see you next year!

Keep It On The Road!!

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All Pictures and contents are © of Martin (Drakie) Drake