2015 York Raceway Hot Rod Reunion

There has always been lots of things to do on August bank holiday but the one thing that has always been a must on the to-do list is York Raceways Hot Rod Reunion with a selection of NSCC, Super Cup, American Super Stock, Sportsman ET Rounds to watch all day and along with run what ya brung the start line was set and ready for a full days racing on Sunday morning along with the sun putting in a unexpected appearance, with the racing in full flow a show and shine area that was open to Hot Rods and if pre booked your Rod for the show and shine you got free entry for the day to show off your American and Customs alongside the track, as well as all the racing Julian Webb had Split Second Jet Dragster for 2 runs a day to wow the crowd. York Raceway had also placed a band on for the Sunday night and a burlesque dancer to keep you busy while the night unfolded a tell tale of British weather as the sky started to drop small water droplets on us late into the night, but with a hope that it would pass during the early morning and Mondays racing would start mid afternoon but the weather gods were against us and just as it looked as if it was about to stop it would rain hard again, with this being a form for all night and until 1pm the PDRC finally called it at 3pm and racing was cancelled for the Monday of the bank holiday at York Raceway.

Drakies Final Dance.
The weekend at York was a turmoil for me in more than one way as this event marked my last on track appearance, you maybe thinking yes Drakie we have heard you say this before, your right you have the plan was to finish at the end of 2014 but due to destroying my shoulder at Shakespeare County Raceway on the photographers banking at Garys Picnic that kind of put a very short end to my season I intended to finish off with a bang and not a crunch bang wallop! I felt like something just was not done for me, I wasn’t ready to finish at that point as I thought I had all year to do what I needed to do and it didn’t happen, due to the Injuries sustained by the fall at Garys Picnic I know it would be a long time before I would get that chance to have that one weekend to make me feel like I had done all I could and would be happy to walk away from the track, the Hot Rod Reunion is a event that is very very dear to my heart and I felt this was the one, my arm was holding up good and this is the event I felt would be the only one I could have as my final dance on, I left the track sad but content and really did feel I had done that few shots I always wanted also knew it was ok to leave trackside now, I will still be at tracks and I will still have my camera but its time to see if my artistic side will come out to play, see you all in the pits for a beer and a chat. 

A Tribute to a Friend to many & Fellow Racer
Kasey Dixon-Grainger 28/8/2011
This weekend is also the one people hold dear to their hearts as on the Sunday night racers, hot rodders, friends & family all gathered together on the track to honor a man we all loved and respected who tragically lost his life in a top end accident at this event in 2011, Kasey Dixon-Grainger with the biggest Cackle fest you felt right through to your very core, headed by Father, Paul Dixon-Grainger and Mum Tanya Dixon-Grainger with the starter button to unleash the green light for 10.1 seconds in honor of Kasey’s personal best time that would be felt deep beyond the realms of space and time itself. After the Cackle Paul & Tanya had invited everyone back to camp for a BBQ in honor of their son Kasey so everyone grabbed a beer a burger and have a laugh knowing he would be too, rumor has it Martin Green was busting a few moves on the dance floor as well, a fitting night for a fantastic man. Race.In.Peace. Kasey Dixon-Grainger, the beer is free, the track fee’s are free, put your foot down and go for it.

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