2015 Phantoms Hot Rod Hootenanny

Deep across the border in Scotland is a town called Stirling and in amongst all the attractions of the area this once sleepy place slowly starts to develop a small sound, it starts out like a small bumble bee flying around from plant to plant but as the days pass by this single bee starts to sound like a swarm, then on the weekend of the 17th-19th of July the swarm slowly turns into a V8 and not just the one but a hole convoy of V8’s and this sleepy town just woke up to the rumble of the Phantoms Hootenanny as people slowly arrived at the Stirling Rugby Club that would be the venue for the weekend of fun and frolics to be had, as normal mother nature had an Idea of its own and decided to come along for the weekend as well, with all the efforts of the Phantoms setting a massive marquee up on the Thursday night so the Cheese & Wine could be laid out for all to enjoy on Saturday night mother nature must have indigestion that day and thought we will all have as well it promptly picked up the marquee at 1:30am Saturday morning and threw it at the floodlight for us needless to say the marquee was a tad shorter and not as high as it was before so the Cheese and Wine was put on hold for this year unfortunately as was the Highland Games due to a massive downpour just before it but no matter what was thrown at this show it was one of the best I have ever been to, with a hot rod quiz in the bar on Friday night and the live band Hotrod Sinners long into the night Saturday night along with a free burger late at night cooked up by the Phantoms BBQ it was just what you needed to see you into the night of fun with fellow friends. This is the sort of show weekend that you used to go to eons ago, if you got more than 2 tents or caravans past yours you were guaranteed to bump into someone you knew or just get talking to the person camped next to you about their car or the pure passion of our scene, it’s a old world event in modern times and that just cant be found anywhere, whether you turned up in a 32 Ford or a V-Dub across the scale its all the same and the weekend is a blast from start to finish, one bonus of the weekend was that mother nature must have felt guilty for destroying the marquee and the sun popped its head out all day Sunday giving us a nice day for the public to come along and see what it was all about, with the show field filling up the live band Hotrod Sinners playing outside the bar and traders to part you from your hard earned cash and a show field filled with some of the best American and custom cars in Scotland this is one weekend that you cannot miss out on.

Longest Distance went to a distance of 220 miles from York to Stirling, nice one.

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