York raceway held their 3rd annual bank holiday event in august, with good reports of the weather cast for the weekend, Michal Fish must have done forcast for the weekend! Racers rolled up to the gates for opening time on the Saturday. With Yorkshire being Yorkshire, it didn’t stay dry for long, and a rain shower lasting most of the night, but if you arrived as the gates opened you just had time to get your tent up, the track crew went to work in the morning franticly drying the track any way they could to get the racing going on Sunday and after a few hours of sweeping the run what you brung came out to help dry out the damp track to get the classes out and running.
Sunday’s action consisted of American Super Stock, NSCC, JDM, Supercup & pro ET. York had also brought back the old skool Street Racer Challenge, as long as your car was taxed, tested, and full road legal with no cool down time, and match racing until the end and the winner was the one to be the last standing 2 in the pairing lanes. With a prize of £1000 it wasn’t some thing to be sniffed at. Also along for the weekend last see in 1996 was Robin Read Racing team with the Nitro Burning Daimler V8 slingshot dragster, posting times on the quarter mile of 7.8 seconds it was like it had never left. Also along for the weekends action was Julian Web in the Jet Dragster Split Second to wow the crowd a few times a day. After which when the racers hit the track, it was pure out and out racing, with pure heart and soul in every sense of the word. With so much rain the day before, some people struggled for grip, but were still putting down good times on the quaurter mile.
Paul & Tanya Dixon-Grainger had a BBQ in honour of their son, Kasey, on the Sunday night, that everyone at the track could come along and eat as much as possible, as they had brought enough food that would have fed half the british forces, at any one given time. The Track had also put on a band for the Sunday night.
With a small amount of drying time from a small amout of rain on the Monday morning, the fire up road was roaring with pure out and out V8’s as American super stock slowly rolled out on the track for some massive burnouts and the fight to the finish line, as the day went on the time seemed to stand still, with a few more runs from the robin read team and Julian web, the finals came up in no time at all and with all the classes coming to a close,  before we knew it, it was time to pack up, say your goodbye’s and head home.

Will we be back next year? You can bet your ass!




Two years have passed, but no words can explain the emotions of that fatefull day. Kasey Dixon-Grainger, a friend to all and one of the most genuine people in British drag racing, tragically lost his life in an accident at this event in 2011. Friends, racers, hot rodders all gathered together in a parade on track, lining up seven cars wide, seven rows deep, headed by his dad, Paul, and brother, Scott. The throng awaited a push of a button on the starting lights by his mother, Tanya, at which point 49 cars, ranging form hot rods to full blown 7 second race cars fired up their engines, unleashing the loudest, most powerful, full on cacklefest that would have rocked the heavens, for well over a minute. After the engines went quiet, a moments silence was observed as the cars slowly pulled off the track one by one and headed back to their pits. Paul and Tanya hosted a BBQ in the pits later for everyone and anyone that wanted to come along, in honour of their son, a man that touched the hearts and souls of many, inspired wherever he went, and was always willing to help, no matter what.

R.I.P Kasey Dixon Grainger - 28/8/11

Forever Young,

Forever Racing

Mondays racing was 'Off the hook!'

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