The Nsra Hot Rod Drags.

The 20th Anniversary of the Hot Rod Drags.

The 40th Anniversary of Shakespeare County Raceway.

What a weekend!

The weather man did a fantastic of getting it wrong again, saying wet, cold, high wind. Well it did rain, not as much as they said as after a few hours of track crew & photographer's (yes Photographer's!) spent a few hours with brush in hand, the track was opened for treaded tire's and quiet tale pipes.

One thing I have learned, Drag Racers, Crew, Fans don't let rain stop them. walking around the pits all I could see was friends having fun, looking forward to the racing when the track was dry. That is what it's all about!

Shakespeare County Raceway always puts on a good show no matter what, and that's exactly what they did, live bands, flame burnouts, a cackle fest that just about filled the full 1/4 mile drag strip. Along for the ride were also our out of the country friends that had come over, Kirsten Van Croonenbourgh made the trip over the sea to drive the very beautiful Big Blocked Plymouth Cuda, Suzi Q. You can visit her website here Suzi Q Website Kirsten also came across with some other friends that brought their cars along to test out on our drag strip.

Drag racing is not a sport for the faint hearted, many will tell you if you ask, but over the weekend a few drivers and cars had a few brown trousers moments. All were ok, cars some didn't fair to well but cars can be fixed, and we all look forward to seeing you back on the track in 2014.

To sum up the Hot Rod Drags, Fantastic event and we truly thank all the track officials, crew, helpers for getting the track sorted and running no matter what is throw en at them. Friends, what ever the weather you just know you are going to have a fantastic time regardless. Drivers, Cars & Crew, without you the event wouldn't happen and we thank you.

Hot Rod Drags: The Event Of The Year.

This has to be the biggest wheel stand I have seen all year.

After about a second, he will come down, won't he??

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