The National Street Rod Association held their first meeting of the year the NSRA Swap Meet, well known by everyone as the start of the season and the last chance to pick up them bargin parts needed to help you finish off the last touches to get you going for the year ahead. Once again the event was held at the oval of Essex Arena and with lots of space to fill with 2 extra fields full of traders and the full oval track was filled to the brim. Trading started at 10 am but unless you got to the arena long before that the chances of getting in and grabbing an early bargin looked thinner and thinner, as the cue grew as more people arrived and the outer car park became full to spilling out onto the road in. Along with the oily bits you could get your hands on the Nsra had also arranged a motocross event for you to stand and watch if standing in the cue to get in started getting boring, is there any length the Nsra won’t go too to entertain us! Although Essex is one of the furthest south events the Nsra have and the northern attendance was good. The Nsra committee and crew as always did a sterling job and it has been known to rain at some point during the day they even managed to change the rain to a small snow fall. With goodies in hand most went home with what they had come to the swap meet for, and a few went home with things that were not on the shopping list, overhearing one comment of “ I like what I have bought its the – What the hell have you got now? From the wife I’m more bothered about!” Now the first event of the year has been and gone everyone’s eyes are now looking forward to the year to come, last year was not the best year we have ever had weather wise and as I sit writing this a big snow storm all over England has been forecast, what’s wrong with that you may think, well, its Spring! But I am looking on the optimistic side of things, get that horrible weather out of the way and let’s rock and roll 2013 we way we should “Havin fun as usual”

The display of the dirt bike racing was a nice thought of the Nsra!

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