Steel City Cruisers thought that after last year when they lost their show ground that that could be that and after 34 years of putting on one of the best known shows in the north of England that the game was up, until after months of searching for a new show ground little did they know that what they had done was restore something back from the past into the future. Hooton Lodge was the new venue on the edge of Rotherham, with a large marquee on the show field and a large camping area Hooton Lodge provided the bar and an on site cafe for all your needs even if you ran out of eggs or milk! With the arrival of rodders from all over the country and not knowing what to expect until you pulled onto the site you couldn’t do anything other than say Whoa Cool! The vibe of the event was a chilled out and had the feel of an original show back in the days of Knebworth mulling around with friends and then off to the Marquee for some music and a good laugh, Friday night Steel City laid on a BBQ where you could get yourself a burger or hotdog with a ticket that was included in your bag of goodies if you pre-booked along with a T-Shirt for the grand expense of £25! Although if you wanted a Burger you had to make sure you took a drink with you as the queue for one went round the block then it was back to the bar for more fun and frolics with friends. Saturday Cruise out was to South Yorkshire Air Museum and some power parking on the green by all the hangers where you could walk around all the exhibitions including a Harrier Jump Jet and a vast array of aircraft to look at and play in, it made a pleasant change and you could go straight from there to Leeds Cruise or go back and chill out before the evening’s entertainment in the bar, a show with two cruises gave you a good choice of what you wanted to do and when you wanted to do it.

The one thing that no one was expecting about this weekend was that all the Steel City Crew had been holding meetings every night for the week before the show to pray to the ‘Rod Gods’ for a dry sunny event and he must have got the hint! With the sun beaming down on us all weekend the Sunday day trippers cam in droves and the show field to the point of bursting and not only the show field the public parking was full to the brim. We would like to say many thanks to all the Steel City Crew for finding this spectacular venue and for all the hard work put into making this ‘the event to be at’ and long may it contine.

Saturdays cruise out

...And after an cruise out upto leeds cruise

Sunday Show and Shine day

See you all next year.

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