Deep in the heart of Yorkshire the Nsra in conjunction with York Raceway came together to bring us the 2nd Hot Rod Reunion and with a hole array of classes to fill the weekend the racers and spectators came along to witness some of the best racing Yorkshire has to offer. With a full bill of American Superstock, Air Cooled Eliminators, Super Cup rounds and Pro ET along with Run what you brung the weekend was full to the brim with action and action is just what you got weather permitting after all it was Yorkshire! With a massive down pour on the Saturday night the track crew worked their magic on Sunday morning to dry the track out along with the help of some racers with brushes in hand to get the racing going and at with fingers crossed for good weather the first racers rolled into the burnout box and lined up on the track to let the weekend begin, with all the classes it was a full day of pure head to head action with a few thrills and spills along the way with 2 full days of action expected and Julian Webb was also along in his Jet powered dragster to wow the crowd it sure was a weekend of fun, with a packed grandstand Ian Kerr came out in the pro mod and did a rolling burnout that could only be matched by the Gonzo although Ben Rushforth was a good contender as well in the rolling burnout category but due to the altered having a breakage put pay to bens racing, that was until the worlds fastest post man pat van turned up on Monday morning, the Sundays racing was called by track officials after a downpour late afternoon and everyone was looking forward to the Mondays racing instead but for the Sunday night spirits were high and Paul and Tanya Dixon-Grainger in Honour of their son Kasey built a BBQ the size of a small caravan and invited everyone for a get together and have a party that brought everyone together and with enough food to feed the troops that serve for our country that’s just what they did and with everyone having a laugh and full bellies the live band kicked off at the bar. Mondays racing was just as entertaining and exciting but the weekend wasn’t without its misshaps, with Vic Parson and Mick Elsworth running in Superstock had a coming together at the top end of the track at 100mph but everyone walked away thankfully although the cars came off a tad worse, York Raceways crew and officials did a fabulous job of cleaning up and getting the racing going again and keeping the track running all weekend. Info on York Raceway can be found at www.yorkraceway.org.uk

A Tribute To A Fellow Racer
It was a year ago that we lost one of the most loved characters in the British drag racing community Kasey Dixon-Grainger a man that spread joy and happiness where ever he was and was always willing to help anyone he could whenever he could, Paul and Tanya Dixon-Grainger with their son Scott Dixon-Grainger held a gathering on the Sunday morning with fellow racers and friends in honour of Kasey followed by a One Minute Silence. Later on Sunday evening a parade of the track was held after racing was finished lead by Paul and Scott in Pauls Anglia Heartache & Pain of which now contains Kasey’s Engine out of his 1966 Ford Cortina, followed by over 40 other cars rolled down the track and parked in lines then rolled up in formation and unleashed the biggest loudest pure heartfelt cackle fest that felt and sounded like thunder for 10.1 Seconds. In an ore of pure love for a loved Man. Forever Racing, RIP Kasey Dixon-Grainger.


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